“Durability and performance are the focus of Loumet’s manufacturing, making the Loumet PRO ball the safest and most reliable fitness ball on the world market today.”

Loumet’s hand on production ethos and manufacturing protocol provides a level of quality control and assurance unique to fitness ball manufacturing. Every ball is inflated and inspected prior to packaging and each fitness ball is individually marked with a batch lot to monitor production.

The production and testing system works in unison allowing Loumet to continually evaluate material performance and ensure product consistency, significantly reducing the risk of fitness ball failure.

Our integrated testing program focuses on the durability, safety, reliability and performance of the Loumet PRO ball.

Independent testing by SGS found the Loumet PRO ball to show no signs of damage after being loaded with 200kg for 12,000 cycles, displaying a superior resistance to stretching and deformation.

The burst resistance rating (BRR) is the tested weight up to which the ball will take over 30 seconds to deflate when punctured. A 90kg (200 lb) individual moving on a fitness ball applies a far greater dynamic weight, making a high BRR very important. Loumet PRO ball is tested to a BRR of 350 kgs (770 lbs) and a static loading of 1000kg.

Durability and performance are the focus of Loumet’s tests and ratings. The criteria includes resistance to stretching, deformation, wear and tear, the ability to quickly return to shape and maintain and perform at its nominated BRR.

FBP1 45cm diameter 10 per carton
FBP2 55cm diameter 15 per carton
FBP3 65cm diameter 12 per carton
FBP4 75cm diameter 10 per carton
FBP5 85cm diameter 8 per carton

Click the link below for Safety & Inflation Instructions:
Safety & Inflation Instructions

Loumet does not recommend using hand weights while exercising with a fitness ball.


• Loumet fitness balls are manufactured specifically for professional and high use environments, delivering the durability and safety required for day to day commercial use.

• Tested by SGS for durability to repeated loading, the Loumet PRO ball showed no sign of damage after being loaded with 200kg for 12,000 cycles.

• The superior resistance to stretching and deformation of the Loumet PRO ball provides what we believe to be the highest level of reliability in fitness balls available to date.

• SGS tested to a burst resistance rating of 350 kilograms (770 lbs) and static loading of 1000kg (2200 lbs).

Loumet Loumet Loumet Loumet

This is our classic line fitness ball suitable for all applications including sports, gymnastics, fitness and physical therapy.

Dynamic in its texture & performance, it offers an extremely durable & hard wearing fitness ball while maintaining its flexibility.

PB1 45cm diameter 10 per carton
PB2 55cm diameter 15 per carton
PB3 65cm diameter 12 per carton
PB4 75cm diameter 10 per carton
PB5 85cm diameter 8 per carton
PB6 100cm diameter 6 per carton




Loumet Loumet Loumet Loumet

Stediball™ brings together the benefits of the fitness ball with attributes of the medicine ball, balance trainer and oscillating resistance training, making it the ideal exercise ball.

Stediball™ is a world class burst resistant fitness ball filled with 1kg of specially formulated material designed to freely move in different directions when used both on the ground and in the air.

When you pick up and move the Stediball™ its inner material freely moves to engage your core muscles and stabilizers in a new and challenging way.

The 1kg of free-flowing material inside the Stediball™ enables unique exercises, dynamic routines and improved performance while increasing stability and safety.

Stediball™ allows for more explosive activity to be performed, which burns more calories, results in higher heart rate and is specific to improving athletic performance.

The fact that Stediball™ stays steady and won’t roll away makes it the ideal fitness ball for the gymnasium, clinic, studio and office.

To get you started the Stediball™ is supplied with an exercise booklet. Many exercises can be seen at www.youtube.com/user/Stediball

FSB3 65cm diameter 10 per carton



Simple and fun to use, this ball is ideal for a relaxing massage. Can be used as a fun alternative to a fitness ball. A fantastic sensory device for both children and the elderly.

SPB1 45cm diameter 10 per carton
SPB2 55cm diameter 15 per carton
SPB3 65cm diameter 12 per carton



Maximum Ball Diameter
Extra Large
 Person's Height - Combo Sizes
Suitable for sitting or exercising
150 - 160cm
160 - 180cm
180 - 195cm
195cm +
 Person's Height - Exercising Sizes
Suitable mainly for exercising
160 - 175cm
175 - 195cm
198cm +


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